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(SOLD OUT – digial PDF copy available at !) The groundbreaking book that exposes a massive organized crime ring that has gone under-exposed for more than a century. Author, historian, and filmmaker Kevin Vincent shines a light on a crime that has spawned dozens of wealthy syndicates, financed the Nazi war machine, and contributed to the early closure of some of the world’s biggest gold mines.

“This is a must-read for any true crime advocate and an element of Canadiana that has never been in the spotlight,” – Author and Timmins, Ontario native Paul Toffanello. 

“If you thought Chicago was corrupt, it has nothing on Timmins, Ontario,” – retired investigator and OPP officer John Braney. 

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What happens when a 21-year old is left all alone with nearly half a million dollars worth of gold? What happens when the gold is stolen and everybody in town knows who did it, including the cops? What happens when two former police officers become deeply embedded in the drama? In 1986, a young security guard at a northern Ontario mine is confronted by two men. They know exactly what they want. Gold.

The robbery is the latest in a string of massive gold robberies that have plagued the northern Ontario mining region for more than 100 years. Bootleg Gold Volume Two is the dramatic inside look at a modern day gold robbery; filled with dubious characters, clever police work, and a dramatic conclusion. It’s the perfect companion to Bootleg Gold Volume One that introduced readers to the secretive world of gold thievery, known as  highgrading.

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